The Red Pill Hidden in The Depths of Yunnan Baiyao

You might be wondering about the red pill that you find on each Yunnan Baiyao package. What is it exactly? When you buy a Yunnan Baiyao product, whether it is the capsule or powder version you will find one red pill “lying” on it. Yunnan Baiyao “Baoxianzi”, commonly known as “Life-saving Dan”, a special pill that you can use when you need to heal severe bleeding or injuries .Don’t throw it away in case you will need it later.

According to the drug label, it is generally only used for severe trauma. In fact, it can also be used for the treatment of various diseases under the guidance of doctors. Now this red pill is a new dosage form made by modern technology. It not only maintains the strong analgesic effect of “baoxianzi”, but also has the characteristics of instant cooling and analgesia of aerosol, which can quickly relieve the severe pain caused by more serious bruises.

The red pill is small, but it is worth more than the powder inside. The one thing you need to know about this safety pill is that it has a much more potent healing power when compared to the regular Yunnan Baiyao products. Because of strong medicinal properties , they are usually used for severe bruises or internal injuries.Generally it is usually taken orally 1 pill with warm water or wine . Then, consider whether it is necessary to take it continuously according to the condition of the disease under the guidance of a doctor.

The external application is mainly used for trauma, and take the appropriate amount of “baoxianzi” dissolved with liquor, which has a good effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis for severe bruises . The specific usage is to apply it to the area of blood stasis, and it has excellent analgesic effect at the same time.

In addition, the Baoxianzi of Yunnan Baiyao has the following functions (please consult a doctor before using):

  • Enhance the efficacy of medicines: For patients with severe traumatic injuries and traumatic bleeding, the first time should not only take Baiyao powder or capsules prescribed in the doctor’s prescription, but also take banxianzi at the same time to enhance the efficacy of the medicine.
  • Treat nosebleeds : When nose is bleeding, taking Baoxianzi (twice a day, one pill each time) can play a good role for pain relief.
  • Treatment of non-healing burns: When the wounds of burned patients are not healed for a long time, take two red pills and grind them into a fine powder, mix thoroughly with antiseptic Vaseline ointment and apply to the clean wounds, and topical dressings are usually effective after three days.

So, you can see that the red pill in Yunnan Baiyao is also an important part of Baiyao and has a good therapeutic effect, it should not be discarded at will. But it should be noted that one day after taking the medicine, avoid eating broad beans, fish and acid cold foods. People with severe arrhythmia and those with a history of allergy to Yunnan Baiyao should not use it. Pregnant women can’t use it either.

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