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Yunnan Baiyao has been tested throughout the years to be used and administered to certain animals, like cats, dogs, and horses. As with horses, this medicine has been widely used to help heal wounds and injuries that they might experience during running or race tracking. Since horses are very active…

You might be wondering about the red pill that you find on each Yunnan Baiyao package. What is it exactly? When you buy a Yunnan Baiyao product, whether it is the capsule or powder version you will find one red pill “lying” on it. Yunnan Baiyao “Baoxianzi”, commonly known as…

Yunnan Baiyao is a drug that people often use in life. Strictly speaking , the drug is registered for use in humans only. However, as the time goes by, there are many more uses for this medicine. For instance, this white drug from Yunnan has been known to help speed…

Dogs might have the risk of having cancer or tumor diseases, making it necessary for you to check up your dog’s health regularly if your pet happens to have cancer. Of course, unlike healthy dogs, canines that have cancer should undergo different treatments to ensure that the condition is not…

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